How you can Properly Treat a Wood Window

Determining the type of windows that is right to be installed in our homes can sometimes be an issue. This is due to the many options available in the market, which range from the design to the materials used. Some materials that are commonly used to make a window are wood, amalgamated, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic. Each material has the own advantages, and you can choose the sort of material which you like based to your tastes and needs. Wood is a very popular material for windows, and if you want to bring a more traditional style to your home, wood made window is the right choice. Not only do wooden windows act as home ventilation, nonetheless they can also enhance the look and feel of the home. But anyway, to enjoy the sweetness and the proper function of the wooden window for a long time, it will require a lot of care, more than the maintenance required by vinyl fabric or fiberglass windows. And if they are maintained properly, wooden windows can last for a long time.

Wooden windows can be damaged if they are not cleaned periodically, grime and other harmful contaminants will accumulate, which could eventually affect the windows. So regular maintenance is necessary, this is to avoid the windows from damage caused by various potential threats. By periodically cleaning the windows, you will avoid the windows from contaminants that can damage the finish. An individual only need to clean the wooden windows with soapy water. To get the expected results, you may use a mild detergent which has a pH neutral, and non-abrasive one. After that, you can rinse the surface with water to free the surface from cleaning soap residue. To keep the window functioning properly, you also need to fat the hinges with essential oil. Actually this is an extremely easy task to do, but if due to some reasons you can not do it yourself, you can ask for help from a window solution service.

Over time, the coating on the windows will erode naturally, this can be caused by environmental exposure and also because the window has been exposed to various elements. Therefore you need to re-coat the windows, it is intended to thicken the layer, and protects the wood underneath. In order to Holzfenster kaufen withstand from environmentally friendly publicity, wooden windows have to be coated or treated with a finish. It is important to protect the wooden house windows from harmful elements, and painting and finishing are really effective in protecting the wood from such elements.

Painting and completing need to be done periodically, they are part of routine maintenance. If the paint or finish on the window has started to peel, this is a sign that the window should be treated again with sealing products. You should check the peeling fresh paint on the window at least once per year.


Wooden window does require good maintenance. You also need to evaluate the windows from rotting. We know that the bottom of the window frame has a high possibility of rot. An individual can check that segment by using a screwdriver to poke the window frame. Each area of the window that has already been rotten needs to be repaired immediately to prevent it from more serious harm. You need to dig up the rotten solid wood with scraper, after the rotten parts took out, you have to load the holes with filler. Press the filler to penetrate into the damaged section. Allow the filler to be dried, and then you need to sand the filler until it's smooth. After the filler is smooth, you just need to repaint the windows frame and you will find your window may be like new again.