Wooden Window Blinds

The use of wood window shades imparts a touch of warm elegance to the room that they are being used in. Wood window blinds are popular because they are functional and durable. Genuine maple, Brazilian Cherry, cherry, lung burning ash, and oak are some of the types of wood used for making Holzfenster treatments. Hard using and tight grained woods are chosen for his or her superior strength in the making of wood window treatments.


Side to side wood window blinds boost the looks of large rooms that are being used as a study, a country kitchen or a bedroom. Wood window blinds can be created to conform with specifications of quantity of light and privacy required. The specifications could range from blocked light and complete privacy to reduced excessive luminance and no privacy.

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Wood window blinds can be made adaptable for manual or motorized functions as particular by the customer. As with the standard sizes for any other type of window blind, the commonly available sizes vary from a six inch width to a 120 inch thickness. The width of the slats of wood window blinds, ranges from twenty-five mm upwards.

Though straight and horizontal blinds in rectangular or square frames are the two basic varieties of wood window blinds, some special styles are made for custom orders. Wood window treatments to cover arches, circles and other odd shaped house windows are made on demand.

Wood window blinds are pretty expensive due to the high cost of wood. Their applicability is limited to areas of the property that are not exposed to dampness. Those two factors have led to the emergence and popularity of faux solid wood window blinds. Vinyl in combo with a few other materials can be used to produce faux window shades that are finished in such a way that imparts a real wooden look. These blinds are being used in high moisture areas like bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms and so on.