Wood made Windows - Timeless and Practical

Wooden windows are the most popular choice for homeowners and constructors alike. They bring natural warmth, beauty and classiness to any home, whether it is traditionally or modern-day styled.

New Wood Windows

Wooden replacement windows are a perfect option when existing windows are too damaged to repair. Oak or Cherry, light or dark stains are all choices that reflect the homeowners unique style while preserving the character of the house. Creating a natural, period look is vital for older homes, especially historic homes or new build created in an historic style. Windows are a hugely important part of maintaining the home's original architecture, period honesty and overall feel.

Easy Maintenance

Today's wooden house windows are easy to maintain and install. There are manufacturers in the market place offering convenient, pre-assembled units that arrive set up and pre-treated. Wood is without doubt a natural and efficient insulator. Combined with the proper weather stripping kit to prevent breezes, wooden windows can help save on the yearly cost of heating and cooling your home. Normally sound absorbent, outside noise is significantly reduced. When installed, they can change a home's exterior from rather bland to something special and filled with figure. Windows who have been properly refurbished can offer the home owner with an increase in their home's equity for less than the expense of new windows.

Reclaimed Wooden Windows

Reduce, reclaim, and recycle. Use reclaimed wooden windows to help reduce your carbon footprint and decrease chemical emissions. There are several advantages to re-purposing older windows. They are thoroughly dry, which means there will be no shrinkage or cracking in the frames. Older house windows that used old growth trees have tighter grain. This results in them being denser and less vulnerable to the sun and rain than some younger trees. This avoids the unnecessary and unfortunate use of landfills, therefore helping to protect our environment. When properly protected by primer and paint, those 50 or 100 year-old windows will last another 100 years. Check your local area for vendors that buy and sell reclaimed home windows.

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The main reason that wooden windows are so in demand is that they are easily customisable. Square home windows or Holzfenster kaufen arched, standard or special ordered, they can be developed to match the look of any new style. If you are considering having windows especially made for your needs, be sure to understand which types of wood will be best for your purpose and environment. Hardwoods need less chemical treatments than softwoods. Kiln-dried timber is best used in dry, arid surroundings, whereas air-dried timber may much better utilised in areas that are humid, with higher precipitation.